Working Papers

No Money Bail, No Problems? Trade-offs in a Pretrial Automatic Release Program

[Revision in Progress]

Coverage: Phenomenal World

Presentation materials: NBER SI Slides (7/22), Recorded talk (10 min; 9/22)

If You Give a Judge a Risk Score

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Coverage: WIRED, Axios, Probable Causation Podcast

Presentation materials: Recorded talk (10 min; 9/22)

After The Burning: The Economic Effects of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre

with Jeremy Cook, James Feigenbaum, Laura-Thorne Kincaide, Jason Long, and Nathan Nunn

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Coverage: The New York Times, CNN, TIME Magazine, CNBC, Black Enterprise, The Root, Business Insider

Short summary: NBER Digest

Resting Papers

Uncorking Expert Reviews with Social Media: A Case Study Served with Wine

with Peter Pedroni and Stephen Sheppard